My Trip to Las Vegas 2016

In July, 2016, I made the decision of a lifetime.

As someone that had done very little travelling, (certainly never flown), I decided that it was time to make a lifetime dream come true. I decided to go to Las Vegas.

I had lost my nan earlier that year and she knew how much I wanted to go to Las vegas. She left me a little money to start saving for the trip that I had always spoken about.

Around this time, a good friend turned out to be not so good and I was feeling pretty lost, so I decided to go to Las Vegas, alone, to take some time out.

I had the time of my life, the whole trip was amazing! Let me show you !

I will try to keep this blog post as magic focused as possible, so here are a few photos that you may like!

These are some photos from the David Copperfield Theatre at the MGM Grand.

Meeting David Copperfield and seeing his show was a big part of going to las Vegas and one that I wont forget. I also ended up having a VERY special experience that I will talk about in another blog post.

Whilst in Las Vegas, I also saw Mac Kings Comedy Magic Show which was EXCEPTIONAL family entertainment.

Some other photos of Magic related stuff in Las Vegas


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