So, when I released ‘What’s Cooking?’, the visual mentalism booktest, I knew it was a great product.

The amount of hours (Months) that went into its creation were intense.

However, I am someone that always wants to please others and there is always that small amount of doubt in what I am doing, just something that I need to personally overcome.

Well, today, I feel happy. The first two reviews have come in. These aren’t from people that I know, they saw the product, bought it on the website and left a review..

Matt G said:

Simply stunning

I own quite a few different book test and was interested in “What’s cooking” based on the visual aspect of the pictures to engage with the audience.

Gary has knocked it out of the park with this one. He has clearly thought this through in every aspect from the quality of the book (and even the instructions) to making it an extremely easy task to memorising the workings of this baby.

I rarely write reviews however I felt this needed a special mention as it’s a ‘Worker’. I know the term ‘think outside the box’ gets banded around a lot but that’s exactly what has been done here.
Restaurant workers are going to love this.

If you are on the fence I cannot recommend this enough.

and Ewen Wilson said:

Yum yum!

Firstly let me say that I don’t know Gary at all and I bought the A5 version of this booktest.

I am something of a booktest junkie and I told myself that I wouldn’t be buying anymore booktests in 2018, this resolution lasted all of 12 days lol.

My three main reasons for jumping to purchase this book were that I have a regular restaurant gig, I wanted to add another book to a routine that I perform using different types of books and most importantly that What’s Cooking moves away from the usual reveal of a word.

Unlike some popular booktests What’s Cooking looks 100% normal and I would have no hesitation in allowing a spectator to have a cursory look through the book before performing the routine.

The version I have is extremely well produced and is of a very high quality.

Along with the book you get a 60 page printed instruction booklet, not only does Gary give detailed clear instruction on how to present and perform the booktest there are also contributions from Peter Turner and Michael Murray that I’m sure many will find invaluable.

There are also a couple of surprises contained in the book that I wasn’t expecting but was delighted to see. I realise that a recipe booktest may not suit everyone but for me I’ll be able to use this stand up, close up and have it sitting on my coffee table.

In my opinion this is a unique and excellent addition to the booktest genre and I have no hesitation in recommending it unreservedly.

Thank you, thank you, thank you guys. It’s fantastic to know that this product is being so well received and will be USED.

You can read the reviews yourself here –