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Spread by Gary Sumpter

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8 reviews
Spread by Gary Sumpter
Spread by Gary Sumpter



At Blackpool 2020, we released SPREAD - a completely custom designed UNIQUE deck of cards that allows for a super visual mentalism routine.

Check out the trailer above to see how AWESOME the spreads look!

This Trick / Deck / Routine was REALLY popular, many people telling us that it was the best thing they had seen.

We sold out completely, but now we have more stock, so order yours today!


Spread is a custom designed poker deck (cards and box). It is meant to look like a cheap deck of souvenir cards that you would find in any seaside gift shop.

On the face of each card is a different location in the world, these are some of the most visited travel destinations.

Your spectators cut the cards and are then offered 2, 3 or 4 cards where they cut.

They take these cards and choose just ONE, placing the others on the table, face down of course.

You can now read the spectators mind and tell them the place that they are thinking of.

BUT. That's not the kicker.

When you spread the deck face down, their thought of place appears as a highly visual image (see the trailer above!)

The deck has 4 reveals built in, depending on which way you spread the deck.

  • The Statue of Liberty (New York)
  • The Eiffel Tower (Paris)
  • The Leaning Tower of Pisa (Italy)
  • Big Ben (London)

This is SO easy to perform but packs a PUNCH! Trust us when we say that you WILL want to perform this!

Comes with full video instructions to have you performing SPREAD straight away!


Customer Reviews
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Eitay C.
Israel Israel
Great Deck

This deck look great with sevral option to finish with. The deck look and feel great. I love it.

rohail m.
Just wow!

I received spread by Gary today. I just have one word and that is WOW! The deck is amazing, the trick it self is amazing and the tutorial is direct and easy to follow. I can see the love and work that has been put in spread. Congrats Gary on this wonderful trick and I hope magicians pick these up and don’t let it pass

Conor B.
The Deck That Keeps On Giving

This is one of my favourite, quick, anytime, anywhere decks that I have ever come across. I haven’t stopped using since I picked it up in Blackpool this year, and thanks to Jason who was performing it for me, I was completely sold on it then! With no fishing or sleight of hand needed for “spread”, you can focus more on your patter as this trick just keeps on giving. The main part of the routine itself is hard hitting enough, but the ending is an absolute kicker that leaves every spectator I’ve done it for speechless! As a mentalism routine, it works so well. I have used it myself for some psychological forcing routines where you could psychology influence the spectator to think of any country and think of a land mark associated with that country, and then think of the city that the landmark is in. You could even use the deck as an “out” If one of your mentalism routines isn’t going so well, suggesting that you wanted to take them on a journey to ultimately influence them to think of a particular landmark or city. This for me is a must have for any performer. You’ll be performing it right out of the box!

Gary B.

Bought this at Blackpool after seeing it demmed at the Ace Magic stand. Great trick with an awesome ending. Cards are beautifully designed, as are all of Gary's products, and the method of finding out the selected location is subtle but clear for any magician to see. A card trick with a difference and an appealing storyline. Well done chaps

Emma R.
Something a little bit different

I was lucky enough to purchase spread at Blackpool on its release and i am really happy with my purchase. Multiple reveals, easily contained and the markings are very clear to read for the magician but not to the layman. Its one of my favorite effects to perform with a pack of cards, its visual and straight to the point. Even better that they are actual playing cards so you can let your imagination go wild with extra routines.