A Word In Your Mind by Martin Peirce
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A Word in your Mind - Wordsearch Mentalism


A Word In Your Mind - Wordsearch Mentalism by Martin Peirce

10 wordsearch cards are introduced and examined by your audience.

They are asked to read aloud the words on these wordsearch cards to verify that they all contain completely different words. Next you lay claim that you are currently the World Wordsearch Champion, the competition involved was to complete these 10 wordsearches in the quickest time possible and that you managed to successfully complete this challenge faster than all your fellow competitors.

The 10 wordsearch cards are thoroughly mixed by a spectator and then placed face down in a line on a table with one of them due to be chosen shortly for a mind reading miracle.

A screwed up paper prediction ball is then brought into play with the statement that it has never ever been wrong.

The spectator is asked to throw/drop this ball towards the cards on the table and whichever wordsearch card is nearest the ball or that the ball is on top of will be their chosen wordsearch card.

The option to rethrow is given until a wordsearch card is finally decided upon by a spectator.

The unselected wordsearch cards are collected up and placed aside before the prediction ball on the freely selected wordsearch is unravelled, it reveals the words “You will choose THIS wordsearch”.

Your prediction is amusingly 100% accurate.

After a couple of groans you then instruct your spectator to read through the list of words available in this chosen wordsearch but just in their mind this time.

Have them select any word and to write this word down so everyone else can play along but keep it hidden from your view along with the wordsearch.

Now for the mind reading miracle, they could have genuinely chosen any word from any of the 10 wordsearches and have decided upon and written down one of them.

Have them picture the letters of this word in their mind. Amazingly and dramatically letter by letter you correctly reveal this freely selected word.

As a kicker finish next to their chosen word is the time it took for you to find this word in the competition.

Ask them to concentrate on the numbers in that time one at a time.

Once again you reveal this with 100% accuracy.

Comes complete with full instructions and 10 Matt Laminated A5 size Wordsearch Cards.

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Excellent Product

Amazing quality, and very clever method. Great products and service from Ace Magic!

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