ZEN E.S.P – Ultimate Marked E.S.P Deck

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ZEN E.S.P – Marked ESP Cards


When thinking of a Marked ESP deck for Magicians and Mentalists, they typically consist of a deck marked with a very difficult to see marking and very limited in scope.

Professionals need a much more dynamic deck, and so the ZEN ESP deck was born.

Employing a method of knowing up to six cards almost instantly from a cut deck, the ZEN deck truly offers a miracle in your hand and from the cut of the deck into two halves you can reveal up to six cards without looking at the faces through an ingenious marking system.

Included with the deck are duplicate standard ESP cards and full instructions on how to read the cards, understanding the system, and various effects.

Designed by underground Magician and Mentalist, Mark Evans brings to you a deck so versatile, you can use it close-up and in parlor situations.

These are printed as BRIDGE sized cards which are much more ordinary looking.


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