What’s Cooking? The VISUAL Mentalism Booktest

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What’s Cooking? – Visual Mentalism Booktest


The Visual Mentalism Booktest that everyone loves!


This is Ace Magic Studios BEST SELLING product and has nothing but 5 star reviews!

I love booktests, however the majority of them, in my opinion, have two major issues

1. They are mostly text, dull, flat black and white pages.

2. The books used are generic and have no connection to the audience/spectator.

Food invokes an instant feeling, reaction or memory for everyone.

I created this book from the ground up to be a multiphase booktest, which is also modular, so you can pick and choose the elements that you wish to use.

This book will allow you to read minds, pick up on words, colours, numbers and much more.

Included is a drawing duplication finale that will leave your audience hungry for more.

Perfect for close-up, cabaret, stage, or to just have in your kitchen at home, for when the right moment arises..

Check out Ekaterinas video review..

What size is the book?

The booktest is available as Large A4 or small A5 versions.

What stock is the book printed on?

130gsm Silk Text (Inner Pages) + 300gsm Silk Cover

How many pages does the book have? 208pp + Cover What sort of instructions will I receive?

You will receive a 58 page full colour instruction book, Dont worry though, learning the method etc is easy, the bulk of the instruction book are awesome contributions, ideas and presentations from Peter Turner and Michael Murray.

Are the books printed on demand?

NO! I physically have them here with me, packaged and ready to go!


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