Sweet F.A by Martin Peirce

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Sweet F.A – Awesome, Visual, RUDE Mentalism


Sweet F.A – The only deck we ALWAYS carry ;)

A really funny trick with a shock ending!

A deck of cards is shown and your spectators are offered the chance to win a prize.

A card is chosen and then the cards are shown to all have a fantastic prize on the back.

Cash prizes, holidays, cars, all awesome prizes!

The prize that your spectators have won is then revealed.

Everyone that saw this at Blackpool bought one! It guarantees laughs but is for adults only!

The photo shows what your spectators will get every time..

VERY easy to learn! You WILL perform this!!

What size are the playing cards?

This is a custom designed poker size deck in a very strong ‘prize cards’ box as shown.

Is this language/country specific?

Each card is written in English. Two card refer to currency which is GBP (£) but I also include a USD ($) version of each card :)


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