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S.C.A.R by Charlie Robinson & Ollie Marsden


Alakazam Magic and Ace Magic Studio are pleased to present SCAR by Charlie Robinson & Ollie Marsden. SCAR is a visual four card revelation that sits in your wallet ready to go at any time.

Each SCAR gimmick is hand crafted by our very own Stevo Watson and they work perfectly.

SCAR is a killer piece to perform with a borrowed deck, as part of a multi selection or as a set routine.

SCAR is easy to do (the gimmick really does do all the work for you) it’s super visual and above all it’s very magical!

Usually with gimmicks like this you need to set the gimmick just before the performance BUT that’s not the case with SCAR. Stevo has created the gimmick so it will sit in your wallet, ready to jump in to action at any time!


Four cards are selected and lost in to the deck. You remove one folded card from your wallet which you state is a prediction.  You unfold it to show it matching the first selection. You ask your spectators not to take their eyes off the card as you rip it in two and those two halves change in to selections two and three. (they won’t believe their eyes). Now for the kicker, with a little flick the two halves restore and instantly change in to selection number four.

SCAR is super strong, extremely visual, and packs more punches than Mike Tyson!

Pick yours up today!



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