Pull Your Hare Out

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Pull Your Hare Out – Visual Kids Magic


This is a fantastically visual piece of magic, great for adults and especially good for kids.

You draw a picture of a magic wand and a top hat with a rabbit in on the back of a card.

You show the picture to the child and ask what it is, they will say a rabbit, hat and wand. You comment that your drawing skills arent very good and that you wish you could make the rabbit look a lttle more lifelike.

You have an idea, maybe if you both say a magic word, the rabbit will look more real.

The magic word is shouted and instantly, visually and amazingly, the black rabbit drawing changes to a full colour white rabbit.

This is SO visual as you can see in the video. This alone is anough to amaze anyone.

You then say, if we use a bit more magic, we may be able to do something amazing.

The rabbit is then slowly pulled out of the magic hat and handed to the child to keep. You have brought the drawing to life!

This souvenir makes the effect SO strong.

This is such a cool effect to perform for kids. Many working magicians will perform effects like Anniversary Waltz, which leaves adults with a souvenir, however there aren’t many effects that leave kids with something magical to keep.

Please note: You are not paying for a flimsy gimmick that will break straight away. Nor are you paying for an arts and crafts project.

You will receive the gimmick, fully made and ready to use with easy to follow video instructions.

We are all about adding value to our products and ensuring that they are workable.

You will also receive 20 giveaway rabbits, more are available as inexpensive refill packs.

We LOVE this effect!


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