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Magic Club – Visual Chocolate Bar Magic


This is a HIGHLY visual Playing Card to Chocolate Bar(s) effect.

You can either change the King of Clubs to a single Club Biscuit, or visually split it into TWO club bars.

Each gimmick is handmade to perfection by Stevo, with care taken at every step, each gimmick being hand made, tested and checked before being sent to you.

These gimmicks are made using real Club biscuit wrappers.

Please note: You are not paying for a flimsy gimmick that will break straight away. Nor are you paying for an arts and crafts project.

You will receive two gimmicks, fully made and ready to use.

We are all about adding value to our products and ensuring that they are workable.

For this reason, we have had precision made wooden inserts made, so the foil wrapped chocolate bars are in fact foil wrapped wooden blocks, perfectly cut to size and shape.


This means you can carry the gimmicks around and not worry about the chocolate melting. It also makes the whole unit much more hard wearing.

If you want to perform for camera, or purely as a live visual trick, use it as it is.

If you want to give away the chocolate, simply swap our wooden wrapped green club bar for a normal club bar.

Now you can perform the change and hand the green club bar out, keeping the orange bar for yourself.

This is a joy to perform and the gimmick works SO well.

You will receive two club biscuits, both have wrapped wooden block inserts. The orange bar is the gimmick, the green bar is to allow you to perform the ‘split’ effect.

If you want to perform the split effect, either use the set ‘as is’, or replace the green bar with a normal club bar so you can then hand it straight out. You can also replace the green bar with any other colour/flavour of club biscuit.

Visual Magic – Perfect for Zoom!


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