Gift Box by Zack Fossey

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Gift Box – Visual Card Magic


Highly Visual Gift Box to Card Box Effect – Great for camera!

The most visual way to introduce a deck of cards!

Gift Box is a SUPER VISUAL Gift Box to Card Box effect!

Check out the trailer above to see how visual it is!

This is an AMAZING way to start an Invisible Deck routine!

Imagine bringing out a gift box and tell your spectators that you received a gift from “Insert Persons Name Here” and can they guess what’s inside..

Most people will say a Ring or similar.

You state that no, this person knows you very well and bought something they knew you would love… BAM! A pack of cards.

However, they arent normal cards, they are very special…they are invisible.

You take out the invisible cards and hand them to your spectator, placing the box into your pocket, switching for your invisible deck which you toss onto the table.

The spectator shuffles the invisible cards and chooses one, which they pretend to turn over and put back into the deck..

They then throw the invisible cards at the card box on the table and the box is opened to show the cards are now visible and one card is facing the other way, their chosen card.

This is just ONE presentation, the box can contain small items such as a folded card, coins etc.

The video instructions supplied also show you how to appear to take a full deck of cards from the box instantly once it has changed.

Available in Red and Blue Bicycle Card Boxes!


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