Charge Card

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Charge Card – Visual Card Magic


This is a REALLY visual, fun piece of magic that you can fit anywhere into your routine.

At any point, you realise that your playing cards aren’t performing as well as they should, it seems like they need charging!

You bring out a battery card, which shows that the battery is low.

Visually the battery charges up and the words BATTERY LOW change to BATTERY FULL.

This is SO visual!

Please note: You are not paying for a flimsy gimmick that will break straight away. Nor are you paying for an arts and crafts project.

You will receive the gimmick, fully made and ready to use with easy to follow video instructions.

We are all about adding value to our products and ensuring that they are workable.

This effect looks great as is, or you can use an old phone charger and pretend to plug it into the card for even more visual appeal.

This is SO simple to perform but highly visual. Not only does the battery visually ‘fill’ with charge, the lighting symbol changes from red to green and the words change too!


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