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Career Choice – Amazing and easy to perform!

This is a REALLY fun routine to perform for younger people.

We have been asked so many times to create a ‘non rude’ version of our Sweet F.A effect. We didnt simply want to copy the effect and change the ending, so this is what we came up with .

A deck of cards is shown with different jobs written on the back.

You ask the young person what they would like to be when they are older.

You then state that you have lots of different jobs on the back of the cards, some cool, some not so cool, some that are definitely not good (Dog Poo Pickerupper for example).

You turn the cards face up and ask the young person to pick a card which will tell them what their job is going to be.

When the card is turned over, it shows that they will be a magician!

You then turn the card over and place it in their hand.

You ask them to choose a magic word and say it out loud.

When they do, they turn the card over and the face has changed to be a magicians certificate. You, the magician, write the young persons name on the certificate and they can keep it as proof of their magical abilities.

This is SO good for all kinds of situations. Its a visual deck, it has mentalism, it has a card changing, it has a giveaway and most importantly, it makes the young person the star of the trick.

You receive a custom designed and printed deck in custom box. You also receive a second deck in a different box that contains 52 giveaway magicians certificate cards.


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