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Introducing Martin Peirce

Martin is an award winning professional magician with over 20 years experience.

He is a very popular performer and his presentation style mainly concentrates on providing great entertainment to his audiences.

His original blend of magic has seen him win the Merlin Magical Society close up competition on no less than 3 occasions, he is also currently the Stan Blaney Stand Up Stage Trophy champion and the Clifford Morrow Cup holder for a second time (a highly regarded originality award).

He also a regular contributor of magical articles with unique tricks for The British Ring Magazine which have been very well received.

As an inventor of magic Martin is a great thinker, he provides winning commercial routines that are easy to do but very strong in performance, these effects that he has created are guaranteed to have that necessary wow factor for those audiences that witness them.

His work on how to achieve maximum impact with minimal work will amaze you along with his energy and passion he uses in every magical demonstration.

The Lecture

In Martins lecture he will perform and explain many of his pet routines.

  • 5-4-3-2-1, a Just Chance routine that can be done impromptu. 5 unmarked envelopes and a borrowed £10 note lead to an entertaining shredding extravaganza with the spectator fairly making all the choices before safely retrieving their money.
  • Paranormal is a lovely strong and easy to do effect with the emphasis on your helper. An ESP deck is mixed and the spectator freely chooses which cards to pair on 3 seperate occasions, one matching pair would be good, 2 would be amazing, 3 would mean they are Paranormal. I think you can guess the outcome.
  • Upside Down Powder. A borrowed shuffled deck is used in a Do As I Do performance, using some miraculous Upside Down Powder 2 completely free chosen cards are brilliantly revealed. No sleights, no funny moves, no gimmicks, just awesome magic.
  • Noted. A gambling routine that involves lots of audience participation. You give an opportunity for a lucky participant to win £10 and then place a small bottle of gin over it. A deck of cards is shuffled by 4 spectators before the game begins and not touched by the performer. Then follows lots of entertaining byplay involving serial numbers, loose change and some impossible looking magic. A fantastic double prediction ending ensures that you safely keep your money and your gin. Virtually self working and a great worker.
  • The Chocolate Challenge. A volunteer is chosen and they are then placed in a Psychic Sweet Shop with lots of goodies all around them and £1 to spend. A prediction is placed on the table in a box as your helper makes all the totally fair decisions. In the end they select one chocolate bar and the prediction box is then opened, incredibly it contains this sweet. Then a brilliant kicker finish, the prices of every chocolate bar in the Psychic Sweet Shop are revealed to show that this was the only bar that they could afford with their £1.

Given time and on request he can also perform the MP Brainwave, My Mind's A Blank, Can You Make My Wife Disappear, I'm A Celebrity and many other great effects.

The Dealer Dem

Martin will bring along the 5 Star rated magic effects from Ace Magic Studio, which will be performed and available to purchase at special Magic Club rates.

Both Cash and Card payments are accepted.

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