In August 2017, a couple of weeks after getting married, I headed off to San Francisco and Las Vegas with my new father in law.

Sorry Wifey! Love you really!

As someone that hasn’t traveled abroad since his teens, my father in law wanted to see the sights and sounds that I had talked so much about.

I’ll try to keep this as Magic focused as possible! Whilst we were there, we saw Criss Angels Mindfreak show and Nathan Burtons magic show.

Nathan performs a variety of effects and illusions, all family friendly and with a LOT of audience participation.

Annoyingly, my father in laws favourite part of the show was a throwaway piece using some supplied playing cards that are torn, mixed by the spectators and after a bit of by play, the last two bits that are left over match up. It wasn’t for me, but it goes to show how much of an impact the simple stuff can have on an audience (they were literally screaming!)

As someone that wasn’t a big Criss Angel fan beforehand (TV Magic, Not for me..), I was REALLY impressed with this show.

Criss performs a variety of different routines, from close-up ‘on camera’ pieces, to large illusions and a dove act.

The finale to the show is Criss levitating, but in a way that blows your mind, he doesn’t just levitate, he flies, walks in the air, flips and twists in a way that will blow your mind.

The Criss Angel theatre itself is STUNNING. The theatre itself and the whole foyer area is loaded with things to see and read, Motorcycles in glass cases are everywhere..