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Animal Magic
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Animal Magic - Visual Chocolate Bar Magic


This is a HIGHLY visual Playing Card to Chocolate Bar effect.

Each gimmick is handmade to perfection by Stevo, with care taken at every step, each gimmick being hand made, tested and checked before being sent to you.

This gimmick is made using a real Animal Bar wrapper.

Please note: You are not paying for a flimsy gimmick that will break straight away. Nor are you paying for an arts and crafts project.

You will receive the gimmick, fully made and ready to use.

We are all about adding value to our products and ensuring that they are workable.

For this reason, we have had precision made wooden inserts made, so the foil wrapped chocolate bar is in fact a foil wrapped wooden block, perfectly cut to size and shape.


This means you can carry the gimmick around and not worry about the chocolate melting. It also makes the whole unit much more hard wearing.

If you want to perform for camera, or purely as a live visual trick, use it as it is.

If you want to give away the chocolate, simply slide out the foil wrapped block and slide in a foil wrapped animal bar.

Now you can perform the change and hand the chocolate bar out, casually 'discarding' the wrapper.

This is a joy to perform and the gimmick works SO well.

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Max S.
United Kingdom United Kingdom
Epic trick

Amazing trick! We had a bit of trouble fitting new elastic so contacted Stevo who responded immediately and was extremely helpful - trick is back to being epic again. Will be looking to buy more tricks from here in the future!

Alexander M.
United Kingdom United Kingdom
Animal magic , The ultimate chocolate bar experience.

This effect turns the law of physics onto its head. A simple playing card appears to change into a fully dimensional chocolate bar! Wow! Easy as pie to perform but so very, very convincing. Wonderful service, You won’t do better.

Stephen G.
United States United States
Animal crackers.....

Even though we don't carry this brand of candy, I'm still having fun using this product. I tend to toss is in the air while saying that I get hungry while playing cards..I'm trying to find other items that might be replaced instead of the animal candy. However it still plays well....

Napoleon R.
United States United States
Great for Online Shows for Kids! Five stars!

If you are not using this in your online shows or regular live shows, you are missing out. This is a fantastic visual magic effect.

James S.
United Kingdom United Kingdom

Such an incredibly made gimmick. Super fast change and just looks so visual. You can see the work that has gone into it.

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