My Trip to David Copperfields warehouse 2016

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During my 2016 trip to Las Vegas, I ended up having the experience of a lifetime. Without going into too much detail, I advised David Copperfields team of a technical issue that was risking ongoing exposure. The message got back to David who was extremely grateful. I was then contacted and as a thank you, I was given a tour of his warehouse in Nevada, which lasted about 2 hours. Here, in his HUGE warehouse, is the most incredible collection that I have ever seen. From illusions that David has performed on TV to extremely rare and collectible items. Houdinis milk can, the gun that shot Chung Ling Soo, it's all there. Right before my eyes was the history of magic, everything I have seen and read, I could see for myself. Out of respect for Davids wishes, I have not added all of my photos of this experience, but here are some to give you just a small idea of what this incredible place holds.. These photos do nothing to show the size of this place, it is HUGE, room upon room, each dedicated to different areas of Magic. I hope that you enjoy these photos!
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